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Fatal Crash west of Dover

Delaware State Police are investigating a two car crash that killed two drivers and an eight-year old girl. The crash happened yesterday afternoon around 4:30 on Route 8 west of Dover. The two vehicles collided head-on. Cristi Gingerich of Hartly and her 8-year old step daughter—Alexis Gingerich and Edward Lee Senior of Dover were all killed. Two of Gingerich’s daughters were also injured. Both girls were flown to A.I. DuPont. Alcohol is not suspected in the crash.

DSP News Release: Fatal Crash Kills Two Drivers and One Child
Location: RT 8, Halltown Road, east of Rose Valley School Road, east of Dover, DE
Date of Occurrence: Friday August 27, 2010 at 4:34 p.m.
Operators/ Vehicles Involved: 
Op 1 – Cristi Lynn Gingerich, 30, Hartly, DE
Veh 1 – 2001 Oldsmobile Alero
Op 2 – Edward R. Lee, Sr., 51, Dover. DE
Veh 2 – 1999 Toyota Corolla
Dover – Delaware State Police are investigating a two car crash that killed two drivers and a 8 year-old girl.
The crash happened yesterday just after 4:30 p.m. when Gingerich was driving her Oldsmobile west on RT 8. At the same time Lee was heading east on RT 8 in his Toyota and was approaching Gingerich when his car (Lee) crossed the center line and struck Gingerich’s vehicle head-on.
As a result both Gingerich and her 8 year-old step daughter, Alexis J. Gingerich, and Lee were all killed as a result of the crash.
Two daughters of Gingerich were seated in the rear of the Oldsmobile and were also injured. Both girls were flown to A. I. du Pont Hospital for Children near Wilmington. The 7 year-old was admitted for fractures to the hip and contusions and the 9 year-old girl was admitted for a broken arm and nose.
All occupants were wearing their seat belts at the time of the crash and alcohol is not suspected in the crash. The investigation is still on going.
The roadway was closed for approximately 3 hours until the crash scene could be cleared.


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44 Responses

  1. JENNIFER26 says:

    I was on the scene and can say that the ony person wearing a seatbelt was Ed Lee, the one child in the back seat passed, believe nothing that you read, half of what you see. please get your facts straight, it could save lives!

  2. Dont believe everything you read says:

    Posted for JENNIFER26: My sign in name reflects your comment. Friday was a sad day for a young family. Please remember all involved in your prayers this day.

  3. Samantha says:

    Jennifer26: My husband was the first person on scene. He is a nationally certified EMT for 18 yrs, firefighter of 18 yrs, former fire police, works the ER @ Kent General and is 8 mo. from his RN. He was behind Cristi’s vehicle coming home when it happened. HE PULLED ALL 4 PEOPLE FROM HER CAR AND THEY WERE ALL WEARING SEATBELTS! HE HAD TO CUT THEM OUT WITH HIS KNIFE! GET YOUR FACTS IN ORDER. If you were there…he was the one doing CPR on both mother and child and called for the many emergency teams that arrived.

    Also, Christi and her children happened to be sister & nieces of my daughters former fiance…we know their entire family as if our own. This is a tragedy that has impacted everyone with the ripple effect from both families involved to the emergency responders and thru the community. PLEASE get your facts in order BEFORE you post…the truth is they were ALL wearing seat belts and it’s a very sad loss for us all.

  4. JenT says:

    My heart goes out to the families…makes me sick to read such a horrible thing happened. No one should post nasty comments..doesnt matter honestly seatbealt or not it was their time to go. I am VERY sure a mother with childern would have had ALL kids in seatbelts

  5. jen26 says:

    to samantha, was your husband the one on the bike? the two kids in the pink truck got the two kids and the mother out and said no one had seat belts on, yes your husband was there and was doing all he could he was very upset., i stood and prayed, i am sorry if i offended anyone, I saw with my own two eyes and am praying for the familys affected by this tragic accident. I again am sorry. God bless all

  6. jen26 says:

    your husband did indeed help get them out, and he and my neighbor performed cpr. My heart goes out to the family, again my regards

  7. Edward R.Lee Jr. says:

    i dont know what happened, but my father was a very good decent, hard working man. he was a gurdian angel on eearth for some. an elder and mentor. please show your respects for both families involved. this is a tragedy for us all. i will miss my father alot. my entire family will.

  8. boo says:

    For goodness sake people, drop your egos and make intelligent and mindful statements to help support the loss for these families or don’t post anything. The fact that you are arguing about who is right and who saw what is absolutely moronic. Grow up. Peace to the families in this time of mourning and shock.

  9. ANGEL4 says:

    I was also at scene, there are sev sides to story, God bless Ed and Cristi and Lexi. May god be with all affected, to jennifer26: I was there and saw what you did, tragic, Im right up the road if you need to talk hun..

  10. Samantha says:

    jen26: yes, he was the man on the motorcycle. For Mr. Lee, Jr…I’m (we’re) so very sorry for your loss luv. I’m sure your father was a wonderful man and our hearts are with your family as well. To those who did assist…thank you for everything that you could do. Please keep the familys in your prayers that their heavy hearts soon be lifted now that their loved ones have made the journey “home”

  11. jen26 says:


  12. Mandi Thompson says:

    jennifer26… why in the hell would even say such a thing…i hope to god I meet you. i’ll spit in your face. this girl was my best friend for 20 years and she was always safe esp when it came to her children. they were all wearing their seatbelts I cant stand ignorent ppl like you who gotta sat some dumb stuff. im not gonna point fingers its a tragic accident for all involved but how dare you…in fact ill be laying flowers tom morning in a gray mazda come outside when you see me so i can surely let you have it face to face

  13. Rebecca M. Lee says:

    To my Uncle Edward you will ALWAYS be loved and greatly missed!!!! On behalf of the entire Lee family we say thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement. To the Gingerich family you are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers too

  14. John Ballinger says:

    I just want to say I am the Uncle of the 8 year old,and reading some of these comments is painful. My niece was to young to go period! Both her fathers family, and my family are heartbroken at all of this. I am sure that even Mr. Lees family feels the same. Nothing can bring anyone of them back, so although tragic, whats done is done. For the negative speaking ppl, when you wake up and go on with YOUR life, my life has drastically changed and now all I can do is know that my sister will NEVER be the same!

  15. some people says:

    1st off who cares about who was or was not wearing seatbelts in this matter!! the sight of the two cars after the accident-its a miracle anyone is still alive! seatbelts would not have brought back the drivers or little girl-the impact was to intense for any of them. just remember who you impact when you post! and if you have nothing nice to say DONT SAY IT AT ALL!!! geez people, if that was your family would you want them to be saying crap!! and by the way-i saw the police report and THEY WERE ALL IN SEATBELTS!!!!

  16. some people says:


  17. april holland says:

    God please bless BOTH families involved and all who tried to help save them. God be with both of the little girls who sadly lost their mommy. I truly feel for these families and wanted to express my sympathy……..

  18. Mandi Thompson says:

    Cristi if I could find a way to bring you and lexi back I would..id strike a deal the devil himself but i know its not possible. i love you so much i’m so lucky to have known you for so so long and the memories will live with me forever. imiss you so much its hard to breathe. as mr the family of mr lee im sorry for your loss…my true thoughts and pryers are with your family

  19. jennP25 says:

    How many Jen’s live on my street? I was also there, and it doesnt matter who was wearing a seatbelt. It was a very sad day for all involved, God bless both familys. I am just 25 and am still in shock over all this. I went yesterday and put a vase of flowers and a teddy bear with a rose on its neck, God Bless.

  20. anna23 says:

    will everyone stop being disrespectful! I saw the whole thing and it was a loss for all involved, may GOD bless both familys and help them with their pain.

  21. boo says:

    GROW UP!

  22. Okay… people… really… GROW UP… does it really matter who was there first??? this reminds me of the time when one of my classmates rescued a man from an overturned truck and someone got on WGMD and tried to say he just stood there and didnt know what to do.

    The thing that matters now is that SOMEONE was there and SOMEONE helped… and that a step-mother and her step-child are dead… and two children left without a mother or a sister… if they were wearing seatbelts or not will be determined by emergency professionals and accident reconstruction units… no need to get on here and fight about who came to the rescue and who was wearing a seatbelt or not because all that does is cause more grief to the family…

    if this was my family, I would NOT want to get on here and read about someone bashing this lady saying that she didn’t have her children in seatbelts… it is disgusting and downright disrespectful… and i believe I speak for the family also when I say this:


  23. Samantha says:

    *sigh* wow, this is outta hand. Jen26…I simply posted that the facts you were given were incorrect. Clearly emotional I admit but for given reason. My post was to alert you the facts you percieved were incorrect and to hopefully open your eyes a wee bit more to see how an incorrect or mis-informed posting could sting those related or close to the families involved. I believe we’ve cleared that detail appropriately, thank you. Mandy~ I feel ya sweetie and I’m so sorry, hold on luv nd hang in there…if you see my Sunshine plz hug him ever so tight for me. :(
    For all else about the responding, and the who’z nd seatbelt drama and whats…enough. Please, enough. It’s done, we can’t change a thing EXCEPT to comfort, support and hold up those who are broken. Let’s give praise and prayers for the Gingerich’s, the Burris’s, the Lee’s and all those who sorround them from here out shall we?? Their the ones suffering the most whilst the pissing nd moaning gets posted. Thanx, this is my final post…god bless~



  25. Erin n Steph says:

    Lexi was our niece, and Cristi our sister in law. Lexi was a wonderful young girl who is gone too soon. She brought all of us some of the happiest memories of our life and we will cherish those memories forever. Cristi was a beautiful woman and wonderful mother to her 2 daughters and step daughter. She brought so much joy and happiness to our brother Jason, and to everyone in our family. We loved them both so dearly and will remember all the wonderful times together always. We are truly thankful to everyone who did all they could to help at the scene. Cristi and Lexi we love you!

  26. To: Mandi T says:

    MANDI, Im sure violence isnt the answer to ignorance of others, I know your in pain over your loss but turning to anger to a reply left isnt the right thing to do, wanting to spit in someones face isnt what should be done, be respectful and act grown, these high school comments are just plain rude.

  27. Some One Who Cares says:

    My heart and prayers go out to all the families involved in this horrible tragic accident!

  28. Stephen Ballinger says:

    As the Grandfather of Alexis, My comments and thoughts are quite simple: Put yourself in my place and think about what u want to write then. I don’t care who was first on the scence, I don’t want to hear about who was weaing seatbelts and I certainely don’t want confrontations between people! I don’t want my Grandaughters memory to be marred with such nonsense! Instead I want to thank those people who came to their assistence and tried to help, wether you were the first, second or last! God bless all those who tried to save the life of Chrissy and my Grandaughter Lexi, who left this world way to early!I want to say Thanks to all those individuals who stopped by the “Memorial Site” with words of kindness! I also want to pass my condolences to Mr. Lee’s Family, who are surely in sadness and heartbroken over their loss too! Let’s dispense with any more negative comments which give no comfort and serve no purpose! Thanks, Stephen Ballinger, Grandfather of Alexis Gingerich.

  29. Heather Helmer says:

    My heart goes out to ALL family’s involved. We would all do anything we could to take back that tradgic day. I am one of Sonny’s best friends and I know how bad his family is hurting. All we can do is be thankful of the days we had with each of them and hold those who they left behind tight with loving arms. We all loved you Cristi, and I am sorry that I did not get to meet Lexi but one time on 4th of July but she was a bubble of joy bouncing around. May God Bless all of you and your loved ones.

  30. Rhonda S says:

    I would like to extend my sympathies to all families. This was a terrible tragedy. I know the Burris family and I am very sorry for your loss. I understand that Cristi was a wonderful and loving mother, daughter, and sister and she will be terribly missed by all.

  31. David says:

    Hello, sorry it has taken me so long to post. First off, I’d like to say to Gene, Sunny, and the rest of the awsum family I have been blessed to encounter. I love you all, you have treated me like family over the years. Yes, I was ignorant to whom I was pulling out of the car that day. I saw 5 people in need. I made life changing choices in seconds and replay it in my mind even now as I type. Even though I feel that I did everything to the best of my ability, I’m forever wrecked knowing that I let you all down. For 18 yrs I’ve run on countless calls with my fire dept and helped countless people to have a fighting chance. Why not them? Why not now? It broke my heart when I got the call and found out it was Christi and lex (not that Ed’s not in my prayers) there faces never registered with me, but, I felt the atachment somehow. As some may know after the smoke cleared I knelt by Christi placed my hand on her and said a prayer. It was simple… I said “God, please forgive me I lost the fight to save your angels, please find them and take them home”. Lord help us all “WE ARE BROKEN”

  32. David says:

    I’m also looking for the lady that helped me do cpr on lexi…. please contact me. I want to thank you in person for your help and bravery. You went well above any expectation.

  33. Iisha30 says:

    So much respect to the family members who posted: Stephanie, Erin, the Ballinger family, Mr. Lee. It had to be difficult to do and you are to be commended. First of all, blessings to all who have been touched/ affected by this tragedy. It was a surprise to all. All remember, its called an accident for a reason, so be positive. I did not know Christi, met Lexi a few times (very beautiful and she will make a great Angel) but I know Jason (Lexi’s Daddy, Cristi’s husband, and the other girls stepdad) very well and my heart aches for him. Jason, Becky, Raymond and the rest of the family, I am so sorry for your losses and my condolences to all. Jason we may not communicate regularly, but I have always considered you a friend and Im always here for you. So sorry to all family and friends.

  34. Iisha30 says:

    David well said. I don’t think you need to be sorry for anything, you did what you could and I know the family is thankful. God Bless you.

  35. Rt 8 friend says:

    David, My neighbor was with you at that time, I understand what you must be going trough, I made an email up for you to cantact me that will be deleted after you do, please conctsc me, thankyou for all that you did, I am so sory for everyones loss, may all GOD BLESS
    EMAIL= blakewill79@yahoo.com

  36. SLOWDOWN! says:


  37. David says:

    Email address no good

  38. angela says:

    i have known Becky Gingerich [ grandmother to Lexi]for eighteen years . I cant imagine her pain both for the loss of her loved ones and the pain she is feeling for her son Jason. She is one of the most loving and involved Grandmothers that i have ever known . My heart is aching for the entire family . Know that you are in my prayers and on my mind constantly !

  39. Crystal says:

    I am so sorry for everyones losses…I think about you all and are in my prayers! Wish there was more I could do…

  40. ksballingers says:

    Lexi, you will be forever missed and loved by your family here in kansas. it was such an honor to have the time to meet you and you stay with us. we all enjoyed your company. you will always be on our minds and in our hearts. love you always!!

  41. TO DAVID says:

    email didnt work or do you want my home phone? just dont feel safe displaying personal info online to public try my other email- dkcadcon@yahoo.com

  42. Samantha says:

    TO DAVID: I’ve sent you an email regarding the earlier posts, please keep an eye out for it

  43. Stephanie Ballinger says:

    Sorry it has taken me so long, I am alexis’s mommy.As im sure anyone can imagine this is never suppose to happen and so i am still in a daze. I would like to take the oppurtunity to thank each and everyone that helped that day! It comforts me as a mother to know that my absence was replaced by wonderful people who truley did care, I wasnt there but i feel such a strong connection to all of you for your efforts in trying to save my daughter.
    To David, you are the one i want to thank the most, i dont know if you are still reading these posts, but know that i will forever be greatful to you. Do not feel regret you did everything that you could do, and i know in my heart that you kept trying until god took her. You will forever hold a spot in my heart, not only of what you did that day, but because this earth is a better place to have people like you in it. Thank you to everyone.

  44. Becky Gingerich says:

    I am Lexi’s paternal grandmother, and Cristi’s mother -in-law. I want to thank everyone for your prayers.It has been 4 months since the accident, and we still don’t know everything because the police have not released their report. But thats beside the point,life must go on and people are still asking for the morbid details. We have enough on us to try to get thru the holidays and rest of our lives without our precious Lexi and Cristi. I do want to make one thing clear-Cristi was the best mom those girls could ever have and never drove without the girls having their seatbelts on.That being said,can we get on cherishing the time we had with them? We love you Cristi and lexi and will never forget you! <3

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