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Avoid Static Electricity When Gassing Up your Vehicle

Something to watch out for when you’re at the gas pump – a fire resulting from a spark of static electricity!   It’s a rare occurrence, but it can happen!  You’re putting gas in your vehicle – or into a container when suddenly there’s a flash fire from a spark of static electricity.  That spark can ignite the gas vapors in or around the fuel pump – especially when the humidity is very low. You can generate static electricity as you get in & out of your vehicle – so you should touch a metal area away from where you fill your gas tank before you touch the nozzle.  Don’t get back into your car while you’re putting gas in.  Turn off the engine when fueling.  If putting gas in a container – place it on the ground – not in your car or a trailer.  If there is a fire – don’t remove the nozzle. Leave the area & call for help. 


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