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Sticky: UPDATED: 2nd Worker Dies After Gulf Oil Rig Explosion

UPDATED NOVEMBER 24: A second worker who was badly burned in an explosion and fire last week aboard an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico has died from his injuries.

A Filipino man died at the hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he was being treated for burns he sustained in an explosion aboard a rig about 25 miles southeast of Grand Isle while workers were cutting a gas line. The workers were all from the Phillippines. 3 are still in the hospital, and 3 others have gone home. The search for a missing worker has been called off. Visit FOXbusiness.com for more.


FOX News is reporting that two people are still missing after an explosion on an oil rig off the Louisiana coast this morning.

The explosion happened around 9:40 Eastern Time this morning about 25 miles southeast of Grand Isle, Louisiana when workers aboard the rig owned by Houston-based Black Elk Energy cut a gas line containing about 28 gallons of oil with a blowtorch. The fire has been extinguished, but a sheen of oil a half-mile long and 200 yards wide has been reported in the area of the rig, which is in the same general area as BP’s Deepwater Horizon, which exploded and sank in April 2010, triggering the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.

Four people were injured in the explosion, suffering second and third-degree burns on much of their bodies. Federal environmental officials from the Department of the Interior are now investigating the cause of the explosion. Visit FOXNews.com for more.


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