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DE Gov. Markell Puts Medical Marijuana Act on Hold

Delaware’s plan to legalize medical marijuana and build state-wide, state-regulated compassion centers has been put on hold by Gov. Jack Markell.

That’s because his office received a letter last week from Delaware’s U.S. District Attorney Charles Oberly confirming that state employees would not be exempt from federal law and could face criminal and civil charges if they were to participate in “unlawful cultivation and distribution of marijuana”:

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State Representative Helene Keeley was one of the co-sponsors of Senate Bill 17.

She tells WGMD News that she’s disappointed by the news. But she says she and co-sponsor Senator Margaret Rose Henry are currently working on how to proceed with Delaware’s Medical Marijuana Act.


Statement from Gov. Markell:  

“I am very disappointed by the change in policy at the federal department of justice, as it requires us to stop implementation of the compassion centers.  To do otherwise would put our state employees in legal jeopardy and I will not do that.   Unfortunately, this shift in the federal position will stand in the way of people in pain receiving  help.  Our law sought to provide that in a manner that was both highly regulated and safe.”




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  1. InPain says:

    That’s Crap!!!! get a set of balls!!!!

    each state govern itself, doesn’t it say that somewhere?

    Change the law, let me grow a plant or three, I’ll risk the feds busting me.

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