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4 charged after drug raid in Laurel

A 2-month investigation has led to the arrest of 4 Laurel residents on drug charges.  State Police went into a Seaford Road home Wednesday and arrested 46 year old Eric Hearn, 44 year old Marsha Hearn, 19 year old Ryan Hearn and 22 year old Brittany McKelvey.  Police seized over 200 prescriptions pills, 6.8 ounces of marijuana, a .22 caliber rifle and just under $350 cash.  All 4 are being held in default of bond.


DSP News Release:  Prescription Medication/ Marijuana Seized During Search of Residence 
Location:    28000 block Seaford Road Laurel, De
DATE and TIME:    Wednesday September 7, 2011 12:34 p.m.
Defendant(s) Charge(s) and Bond Information:
Eric L. Hearn, 46 Laurel, De
• Manufactures, Delivers, or Possesses with intent to Manufacture, deliver a Controlled Substance (Diazapan Pills)
• Conspiracy Second Degree
• Manufactures, Delivers, or Possesses with intent to Manufacture, deliver a Controlled Substance (Oxycodone)
• Maintaining a Drug Property
Sussex Correctional Institute $17,500 cash bond
Marsha A. Hearn, 44 Laurel, De
• Manufactures, Delivers, or Possesses with intent to Manufacture, deliver a Controlled Substance (Diazapan Pills)
• 2 counts Conspiracy Second Degree
• Manufactures, Delivers, or Possesses with intent to Manufacture, deliver a Controlled Substance (Oxycodone)
• Maintaining a Drug Property
• Criminal Solicitation Second Degree
Delores J. Baylor Women’s Correctional Institute $20,000 secured bond
Ryan Hearn, 19 Laurel, De
• Possess Consume a Controlled or Counterfeit Substance without a Prescription
• 2 counts of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
• Maintaining a Drug Property
Sussex Correctional Institute $2,750 cash bond
Brittany McKelvey, 22 Laurel, De
• Manufactures, Delivers, or Possesses with intent to Manufacture, deliver a Controlled Substance
• Conspiracy Second Degree
Delores J. Baylor Women’s Correctional Institute $6,000.00 cash bond
Laurel, De-Following a two month investigation into an illegal prescription drug distribution Delaware State Police executed a search and seizure warrant at a residence on Seaford Road N/O Laurel Delaware. 
State Police Sussex Drug Unit and the Delaware State Police Special Operations Response Team entered the residence Wednesday afternoon around 12:30 p.m.  Taken into custody during the raid where Eric L. Hearn, 46, Marsha A. Hearn, 44, Ryan Hearn, 19, Brittany McKelvey, 22


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42 Responses

  1. yankee says:

    It’s party time!

  2. Longnecker says:

    What a nice family business!!

  3. Richie Rich says:

    In some countries four 30 cent bullets would be a permanent fix for these four low lifes. In Delaware they will get off with a slap on the wrist.

  4. J says:

    They are addicts, not pedophiles. The charges will be severe. For Christ sakes even pedophiles get unsecured bail put up by the county and are on the streets within hours.

  5. Mr.Sir says:

    idk guys Delaware is pretty lax , they let richie post from rehab. hes a POPPER you know

  6. Richie Rich says:

    Come on mr sir. Your just mad because you lost a supplier. Anyone who believes the liberal crap you do must be popping something.

  7. brody says:

    they should be killed,, they are selling poison to people, they are not just addicts, they are inflicting their personal addition upon others. and they need to be executed

  8. Mr.Sir says:

    more deaths from RX than herion or coke in some states its higher than auto accidents

  9. Guest says:

    Dear Brody, Then does that death sentence that administered to cavalierly, also apply to pharmaceutical companies, the doctors, the pharmacists in the drug store? They were the ones who originally sold that poison before in trickled down to these four dopers? Your response Brody?

  10. J says:

    Brody is a 15 year old idiot with no clue that wants to sound big. He will have some outlandish response that sounds as if he read it off of some surgeon generals warning label.

    Mr. Sir, you also have more deaths from acetaminophen then pain pills, and more harm to your liver too. Not only is that legal but its right on the shelf.

  11. happy holiday says:

    Their records will dictate their sentence(s).

  12. Guest says:

    Thank you J. I see you’ve tried to be the voice of reason here in this comment thread, and provide some factual information. The whole prescription drug problem is an epidemic. I’ve read that fully 1/3 of our country has some level of prescription drug problems and involvement just in that part of the drug problem alone. It hasn’t bypassed my family either. Even the people in a family that has no involvement, gets caught up in the trying to help their unwilling drugged out family member. It’s an ongoing circus. I empathize the most with young children that get caught up in it, because to many times, they have no one to speak on their behalf, due to the fact that their parents have the drug problem. It’s a sad deal for children and grand parents. I wish that I knew the answer to the solution.

  13. J says:

    There is no answer. Heroin and Cocaine are classified as a lesser harm than marijuana. Why? Cause at this point in time the FDA recognizes these two drugs for medicinal qualities even though we have been using synthetic alternatives. Its corruption. There is no answer to it. Actually, there is no corruption involved except for the Dr’s that dole out pills to people that don’t need them. Its capitalizing. There is money to be made so people will stay involved, especially our Federal Gov. Its a shame cause these drugs to have actual purposes for people that would take them responsibly.

    I dont care what anyone says. Marijuana does less harm than alcohol and tobacco combined, let alone any OTC or UTC pharmaceuticals. The only answer now that I think of it would be to get over this fear of smoking weed and use it as a staple be all to win all wonder drug. In fact, up until just recently there has been a legal alternative, synthetic cannibanol, that did even less harm yet to the human body cause it could be administer orally. The FDA and the DEA finally went in (illegally) and band the substance. Now, why not use it in the pharmaceutical industry and keep marijuana illegal as they did with REAL narcotics?

  14. randy says:

    I think one of the major lobbyists against legalization of marijuana is Budweiser…

  15. brody says:


    yes any pharmacist too if they are in fact dealing in selling the drugs with out a prescription, doctors for writing false scripts. anyone filling out a script and selling it on the street,. its all drug pushing into the people of our society

  16. Robert R says:

    “Death by cheeseburger” is actually the most lethal circumstance in this country.

    You can probably substitute “donuts” or “fried-chicken” for “cheeseburger”.

    Just look around you Two-out-of-three people are overweight.

    Trying to blow themselves up. Human bombs.

  17. johny wad says:

    That girl Brittany is cute. I may have a couple of percocet around here someplace think she would slide me a little bit for the percoset?

  18. J says:

    Depends on how much success you have with bloated out over aged dope whores that look like sh*t.

  19. johny wad says:

    @J..Never messed with one. Just wouldnt mind loading the 22yr.old like a shotgun

  20. J says:

    So why make it your first? Just saying. There are plenty of decent 22 year olds to load who are not bloated out, scarred up from itching, and over aged from a self inflicted harsh lifestyle.

  21. J says:

    I’m a douche by the way!

  22. J says:

    Oh look, you needed to use my screen name to spell it correctly, finally.

  23. happy holliday says:

    I f*cked better looking 22 year old horses. Oh wait, did I just say that out loud? God I am a “doosh”.

  24. Guest says:

    This Brody is an idiot!!!!! Thanks J for trying to set this guy straight. These perscription meds are bad because you can not stop taking them without be deathly sick and the doctors know it and the pharmcacutical industry knows it and without some type of drug that will allow people to get off it there will be a “HUGE” problem as time goes on. If they had legalized pot then most of these people would not be taking them because pot will cause people to lose there job because of the 30 days it stays in your system. So get these meds legally keep job and be addicted.

  25. Mr.Sir says:

    all drugs effect people differently . two beers will make some peeps angry violent. two tokes make some people sleepy. if you decriminalize pot you take huge money from cartels . mabey make some room for the wife beaters child molesters and crack and herion dealers . and will be able to put the money saved towards more serious crimes . LEAGALIZE is different than DEcriminalize. medical marijuana seems to run into too much resistance. perhaps it should be approached as recreational use . then it can be compaired to booze instead of meds that do good for people.

  26. Killer says:

    My thanks to the couple sane posters in this thread. Marijuana should be legal and prescription pills should have harsher penalties for misuse. Yes, doctors should face consequences for lax prescription policies. They did get that one doctor in Laurel a few months back for writing scripts, having patients fill them, then buying them back from the patients.

  27. DSP says:

    Smoke it if you got it.

  28. M2014 says:

    Healthcare professionals are not to blame for situations like these. These medications are developed for serious disorders and the unfortunate patients who suffer from them. Medications have been developed for opiate withdrawal to help those addicted to come off of opiates. However, people have found a way to abuse them too. People have to be responsible for their own poor decisions.

  29. Killer says:

    When pharmaceutical companies pay doctors kickbacks to “push” their “drugs” that is a problem M2014. Doctors all 100% responsible for the drugs they prescribe to the people they prescribe them to.

  30. Guest says:

    Interesting topic, I learned alot today, Hmmmm, lets see, J is a douche, Brittany is cute, Happy Holidays has sexual relations with Horses, cheesburgers are dangerous weapons, doctors are drug pusher. :) :) LOL

  31. reality says:

    ” These medications are developed for serious disorders and the unfortunate patients who suffer from them. ”

    And, I’m sure that these medications are only prescribed for patients with serious disorders.
    I see all these serious disorders advertised on television every day.
    I just don’t recall so many serious disorders as I was growing up in the 70’s. It was just sex, drug, and rock-n-roll! A bong and a beer.

    No serious disorders like retless leg syndrome, carrying around a flask with green murky fluid in it, anti-depression medicine that makes you suicidal (now that’s improvement), or causes birth defects. Oh, I can go and on…

    In terms of dollars spent, can you tell me, “Who is the largest advertiser in America today?”

    And, “Does advertising work?”

    How many folks go to the doctor for a checkup and come away with a prescription?

  32. guest says:

    DRUG COMPANIES… I wish they would BAN all those commercials. I cant even watch tv with my daughter anymore, when they got these stupid ass commercials of a man, who looks younger than I needing some stupid boner pill to make his wife happy. It makes me sick. Save all that crap for the magazines at the Drs office or AARP Magazines.
    Just wait, with all this acceptance of same sex marraige, I can only imagine what some of thse commercials for medical products will be like. What ever happened to common sense.

  33. brody says:

    oh grow up, your daughter will know what a boner is soon enough pal. everyone is so uptight.. you will have to pry the boner out of her hand one day

  34. bmartin says:

    The one i find most disgusting is jimmy johnson and his extenze. It works for me creates a disgusting mental image i could live without. And now that football is back so is he. And then at the end he throws the ball and says “go long”. Uuugghhhh!! I agree with sex drugs and rock and roll. Yea

  35. reality says:

    ignorant brody sounds like he’s taking Chantix
    Talk about douche bags. Can’t even be civil to your fellow human beings. Either he must not have a daughter, or he just doesn’t have any common sense.

  36. Jman says:

    This whole thing was a illegal operation DSP found out from tappin into a cell phone and reading text messages…Brittany M had nothing to do with it she was at the house tryin to get one of the guys to replace the brakes on her car….so all you clowns that wanna run your mouth that dont know anythin but what this….go find somthin better to do with your lives than judge someone you dont know….i be readin bout your death on this site in the near future….

  37. brody says:

    yeah she was there to get the brakes on her car fixed…. sure,, likely excuse for anyone caught in a drug den when they are trying to buy drugs,, oh i was here because blah blah blah

  38. DSP says:

    Brakes ya right… puff puff give …… cop are here … oh ya can you fix my car?

  39. brody says:

    funny how everyone is always in the wrong place at the wrong time,

  40. M2014 says:

    Reality: I’m not saying that these medications don’t get into the hands of the wrong people. And I’m not saying that there aren’t bad doctors or bad pharmaceutical companies out there that abuse their powers. I’m simply saying who are we to judge what’s real pain or real suffering? There are always exceptions and no field is perfect, but I do believe that many lives are eased/enriched/saved every second because of medications and healthcare providers.

  41. really says:

    It is these kind of people that is making it hard for legitimate people who must have these medications in order to be able function on a daily basis. And come on people how can we point the finger at physicians and pharmacists. For decisions that grown people make. Okay the doc writes the RX the pharmacists fill it, but it is still the individuals choice to take them. That is what is wrong with the world today no one will own up to their choices and actions let’s point the finger at someone else. And opinions are like assholes everyone has one.

  42. yaboi says:

    these ppl been sellin drugs for years, brittnay is def not a victim. shes a drug addict dealer.. from what ive heard from dudes that bang her, a while ago she was working at a dr office and was stealing script papers and filling.scripts for oxycodone 30s , she thought she was smart and would get like 15 at a time.. glad they got busted. get some of the trash off the streets!

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