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O’Donnell Book Hits Stores Shelves Tuesday

A book written by former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell is scheduled to go on sale Tuesday.

St. Martin’s Press says the first 150,000 copies of the book, entitled “Troublemaker: Let’s Do What it Takes to Make America Great Again,” will be released tomorrow.

The book will include details about O’Donnell’s 2010 campaign and her surprising upset of Congressman Mike Castle in the Republican Senate primary last September.

O’Donnell went on to lose the general election to Democrat Chris Coons by 17 percent.


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  1. delaware democrat says:

    to bill colley: how can you assure anyone if you do not invite dialogue?

    you write blogs. and then you denie comment.

    what purpose does that serve?

    you and christine are going to have a national blog together?

    but what is there to blogging without a little ying and yang?

    without dialogue, there is only dogma.

  2. Riprap says:

    What is the purpose of the Cowards posts? Who is he trying to convince that O’Dummy is a victim?

  3. mr.bill says:

    @Riprap. Take a look at Amazon. Prices slashed. Some of the reviews are really funny.

  4. riprap says:

    I saw the following on another post: As of this am her book was at 6,231 in terms of sales. This means that 6,230 other books were more popular. As of 4:19 she had dropped to 9,139 in terms of sales. She has dropped almost 2,900 places in 1 day.
    This gig is over.

    This is the best news I’ve had all day!!!!

  5. Mr.Sir says:

    extreme conservatives just dont get it . its not weather you are nice or not , its the extreme policies we dont like . i mean Bachmann is going to reinstate DADT , stupid .does it really effect our freedom if a gay service member dies or a Heterosexual member dies ?? i guess it does to Bachmann she wants to reinstate DADT so if you are gay serving for our freedoms someone might rat you out and you lose a job. Abortion , sorry i dont like talking about it, its wrong, but shouldnt be illegal . Gay marrage . you preach freedom, stay out of peoples bedrooms . protecting the rich from their fair share of taxes. LOL you arnt RICh quit pretending to be rich. they laff at you for being the groveling can i have another sir servant of the rich . @ BILL Colley you backed Verizon in an earlier comment. well not really backed verizon but insulted the workers, but thats cool its your style. if the shyt really hits the fan and currency is barter. services resources, food, shelter . like bad bad . who do you think is going to be there to reward you for backing corperate greed? VERIZON . or if you reaslized these people are your neighbors and inspite of your spite you have more in common with the workers than verizon.

  6. mr.bill says:

    Link to informative article re: book sales.


    When Don from Northeast Wicomico finishes coloring his copy you’ll be able to get it cheap on E-Bay.

  7. John Wootten says:

    I’ll write this in the simplest wording so most of left wing looneys can read it while smoking your stash or, the rest of you can have it read to you by your mommies that you still live with.I don’t write for Bill Colley, i’m not a ghost writer,i write and speak for myself, that is my REAL name. Most of you cowards won’t put your names down. Weather you’re a leftist progressive or so called MODERATE REPUBLICAIN which is a closet Democrat, like it or not, its irrelevant what you think of me.

  8. Mr.Sir says:

    LAMO ok JOHN WOOTEN heres you BOZO button for using your real name on the internet. You EARNED it !

  9. John Wootten says:

    Comming from the head BOZO?

  10. Fred says:

    her book is now at 13,300th place in amazon ad falling fast – LOL

    and @ http://www.frumforum.com there is an expose on her lies about the Haley Barbour/ Bill Lee event – she is exposed again as the grifter and liar she is – and Colley for the coward and fool he is

    It doesn’t get any better then this

    @john Wooten – see “liberals” dont threaten, lie cheat and attack the opposition’s kids ad call women “concubines” so their children can hear it – nor do we advocate slapping a female member of the US House… the likes of Rush, Beck and our own local scumbag Colley do – so you can use your real name if u choose” yes scumbag – what else do you call a “man” that advocates violence against women? and demeans a woman who dared to present the documented facts against COD? my book makes him a scumbag/dirtball and a few other things to boot.

    we however know how you good “christian conservatives” are and have well-founded fears of violence and attacks from the unhinged right wing

    we post under psudonymns to protect the innocent – us and our families.

  11. John Wootten says:

    WOW Fred your too smart for me,with your childish attack on me ohh my i’m shaking,lets see i’ve been called scumbag ,stupid,terrorist,.Who is threatening whom Fred,who is out of control Fred,look in the mirror Fred.

  12. Edwin Anthony says:

    Christine O’Donnell WHO? What is her real claim to fame? I thought she was some loser that is now writing books for losers also! A good read for lovers of losers….just saying!

  13. Edwin Anthony says:

    I bet it would be a funny read if you’re smoking a a big fat doobie/blunt and feeling sorry for real losers. You have to wonder what Christine O’Donnell smokes to think she’s so important and or troublemaker….just saying again!

  14. Edwin Anthony says:

    Christine O’Donnell must hit it with Hail Mary Jane in a joint and or blunt form! Maybe a glass pipe and or bubblier since most conservatives prefer the pipe….just saying

  15. riprap says:

    Edwin Anthony = Moron ! Just saying.

  16. Riprap says:


    Coward Colley says O’Dummy has been treated unfairly. This unfair treatment caused her to lose the Senate seat by 17 points, caused her book to be 13,300 on best seller list. No amount of unfair treatment could cause these numbers! heck walking off a CNN interview didn’t even help her! Coward and the rest of his Tea Party followers are not responsible for anything. Remember? They are all victims …..Everyone else is wrong.

  17. Edwin Anthony says:

    Moron is a term once used in psychology to denote ‘mild’ mental retardation. Then there are some who cheat while taking that portion of a moron test….just saying U ‘severe’ Moron!

  18. delaware democrat says:

    Riprap is not the same as riprap….just saying to the imposter. just saying…

  19. Mr.Sir says:

    My Grand Daddy used to say “Boy you cant polish a turd”

  20. guest says:

    Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #17,965 in Books

    That’s her books rank on Amazon as of this morning. For her 10 remaining supporters like Colley that means there are 17,964 books on Amazon that are selling better than her book.

  21. Colley is Insane says:

    Looks like Colley’s sweet little Chrissy O’Donnell is done. That’s what happens to people who lie, that’s why telling the truth is the most basic value of them all.

    The Tea Party just un-invited her from speaking in Iowa before Sarah Palin, and her book is ranked 35,470, so now there are 35,469 books selling better than O’Donnell’s fantasy rantings about her life.

    Is Colley still pretending that O’Donnell turned down a job with The View?

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