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O’Donnell Book Hits Stores Shelves Tuesday

A book written by former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell is scheduled to go on sale Tuesday.

St. Martin’s Press says the first 150,000 copies of the book, entitled “Troublemaker: Let’s Do What it Takes to Make America Great Again,” will be released tomorrow.

The book will include details about O’Donnell’s 2010 campaign and her surprising upset of Congressman Mike Castle in the Republican Senate primary last September.

O’Donnell went on to lose the general election to Democrat Chris Coons by 17 percent.


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  1. Mr.Sir says:

    omg a company makes billions and wants the workers to take a pay cut . i guess ethics isnt your strong point . herd a good joke beside ALLAHS attemt to defend his point of view . oh yea its time to remind the tea party they own the downgrade.

  2. Mr.Sir says:

    RODGER THAT ! Verizon did just get a new CEO not too long ago i guess this the the ill prove im a mover and a shaker momment. even the despised hedge fund operators get bored and retire at near 75 million. IF you dont WANT A NANNY state how can you defend Verizons attack on the middle class ?

  3. Riprap says:

    @joemomma…I have said it before, You should have your own radio show. At the very least I would love to hear/see you go head to head with the Coward on air. I wish his followers would read your posts. I admit that I can’t articulate my thoughts as you do, but I’m with you 100%. We shall overcome!

  4. J says:

    “And like most transplants you come down here because your tired of the crap going on in Where you lived but you want to make this area into another liberal county. Waah we need a bypass, waah we need more stores, waah we need free medical clinics for the illegals. Waah we need more police to protect me from the illegals, waah my taxes are too high I think I will move somewhere else. Sound familiar?”

    God you’re ignorant. Another example of why the GOOD people of Sussex (the far and few) will never be credited for who they really are. You are scum dude, total scum! You don’t want this place to succeed, you don’t want it to advance and your comments prove it. Its pieces of filth like you that ruin it for everyone. Not the “transplants” as you call us. Trust me, I would rather be a transplant than some born and raised hill billy barefoot freak like you that cant let go of the 50’s and realize times have changed. You really do make life complicated for yourself. Don’t blame us.

  5. Allah says:

    And I rest my case. The transplants have proved my point. As always if you have nothing to add start calling people names. It started with the first post on this topic and it hasn’t stopped. Nice real nice!

  6. mr.bill says:

    The first post on this topic was mine. Where did I call anyone a name? And I rest MY case.

  7. HARKNESS says:

    Who would want to buy a book by an attention whore? Wait, does Hillary Clinton have any books out? If so disregard my previous statement.

  8. John Wootten says:

    I sat back for a day to see how many moronic nitwits would comment, i wasn’t surprised at the ammount of haters and downright nastsy comments that were made.Just so some of you three letter one syllabel word jockeys understand, hate and talk whatever trash you wish it shows how ignorant and uninformed you really are,what you can’t kill you fear.NUFF SAID.Oh your virginal goddess Queen Hillary did write a book to make money for her last campaign run and i did read it,if you weren’t busy smoking whatever burns your candle,playing video games with yourself and looking at the pictures in comic books trying to figure out what it was saying you might have caught that.

  9. Guest says:

    So, Is anyone going to buy the book? :)

  10. John Wootten says:

    I did, other than that it’s none of my business who does or doesn’t,my friend.

  11. HARKNESS says:

    @john wootten. Just pot and salvia. And on the Lord’s day, whip-its.

  12. melinda says:

    I hope Christine makes millions of dollars from her book as she deserves it. I ordered mine from Amazon and can’t wait to get it.She has had to bear so much crap and criticism from Delaware lefties and I really am rooting for her to do well with the book. All you scary, angry people have a wonderful day !!!!!!!

  13. Fred says:

    well understand your new book is a work of fiction

    didi anyone read about the lies she told about Haley Barbour’s shout out to her??

    LOLOL!! the audio os still out there and has been played and show COD and Matt Moran are LIARS!!

    and Castle did the opening statments and intros not Tom Ross – and that is proved by the audio too!!

    oh, you cannot MAKE this stuff up – too funny

    COD is dumb = buyers of her book are dumber – you all deserve each other.

  14. mr.bill says:

    @Fred. Yeah,yeah, but would ya hit it?

  15. joemomma again says:

    Thank you riprap, for the kind words. I would love to go up against colley, but to debate with someone who will not allow any opposing views, slam/hang up on callers, and states that it’s “my” show, get over it, I won’t waste my time. I much rather converse with mature people who may have opposing viewpoints, but respect each other in the end. My best conversations are with my best friend, Cajun Jim, from Monroe LA, now living in NCC, a conservative republican. What a great guy. We always solve the world problems. Disagree, but respect.

    I’ll let colley explode and die a miserable young man. Should be any day. I’ll remain a happy man, enjoying life.

  16. Edwin Anthony says:

    I have to agree; Folks buying that book are dumber than Christine O’Donnell. Hopefully this book flops and she just goes away….just saying!

  17. joemomma again says:

    PT Barnum o’dummy…. another sucker born every minute!

  18. riprap says:

    Did anyone hear O’Dummy on the Cowards program tonight? I said it on another post, but anyone who listened,including myself is much dumber after hearing her. I am surprised she only lost by 17 points. She sounded like a little child explaining why she was grounded. Excuses, playing the victim and pathetic. I would be curious to know what a psycholgist would say about her.

  19. anon says:

    Colley appears to love to bloviate over issues that he (and only he) cares about. If he assumes you do not share his opinion in issues (whether true or not), he will speak ill of you, your positions, your upbringing, your character for hours; until you can corner him one-on-one and in person on his ignorance. Then he shuts up about you. No apologies. His type is why politics is so vile nowadays. He leaves no room for civil discourse. He will talk over callers, hang up on them, and then proceed to talk about them if they disagree with him. If you try to call back, he will ignore your call. He should be replaced at WGMD. Send him back to New York state, or let him be O’Donnell’s or Urquhart’s ‘water boy’. And you know how to do that? His sponsors. Let the sponsors on the Bill Colley show know that you will NOT visit their business while they advertise on his program. Money talks, people. Bill Colley should walk. Just one anonymous opinion on the internet.

  20. riprap says:

    @anon… I have been in the process of getting bids on a bathroom remodel. I was on my way home from work the other day, and turned to WGMD to hear Coward speaking with a guy from Lewes who has a bathroom remodel business. I said to myself…that is a business I won’t be contacting. Long Neck Diner is another, Atlantic Cellular, Surf Bagel, whatever. I know others that do the same. Coward would say…it’s entertainment… it’s my show….that’s ridiculous. I say it’s fact!!!!!
    ON the subject of O’Dummy’s book. Why would anyone believe anything written in this book? It was proven during her campaign that she lied. Lied about her education, to Dan Gaffney about her votes vs Bidens votes to name a few. It boggles my mind why anyone would buy her book to begin with but how could one believe anything she says. She is a liar and that can’t be disputed regardless of how her fans twist it!!

  21. Fred says:

    @Mr Bill – hit it? – not hardly

    I’d cross the street to avoid it!

    she most not be reading Papal Encyclicals lately on the treadmill

    well, she hasn’t been on a treadmill for a while anyway…

  22. checkoutthesenumbers says:

    I did some research on O’Donnells book sales. I’m sure Bill Colley or Christines other 20 supporters on here will find a way to twist the facts, make excuses and play the victim but the facts speak for themselves.and show no one cares about Christine O’Donnel!
    According to a Book sales website Business and Books: As of Friday O’Donnels book was ranked 3,105 on Amazons best sellar list. The book received an average rating of 2 out of 5 stars from 27 reviews. Please read below which I copy and pasted from this website. Go to the website if you want to read the entoire article:

    Since the book, priced at $25.99 in hardcover, was just released, full-week numbers aren’t yet available from Nielsen Bookscan, which tracks industry sales at most bookstores. But numbers from inventory at Ingram, the largest wholesaler to bookstores, indicate that O’Donnell’s book is barely selling at all.

    On Monday, Ingram’s four warehouses spread across the country had 925 units in total on hand — the most being 429 at the company’s Pennsylvania warehouse. By Friday morning, almost two days after the publicity, Ingram warehouses still had a total of 895 on hand.

    The Ingram warehouse number is typically an indicator of book demand since many independent stores and even some chain stores order initial stock from the company, and also reorder books with high demand from Ingram. But the most demand for O’Donnell’s book from one region this week was 11 units from Ingram’s Indiana warehouse.

    Also, a hardcover book ranked in the number 3,000 range of Amazon bestsellers often sells 100 or fewer copies per day.

  23. Mr.Sir says:

    all her “fans ” will buy multiple books and give them away to boost the sales . all to boost the “false” popularity of this carrier loser, didnt see the walk off interview or the follow up on how badly she was MISSTREATED . the script was set in stone. before the first interview i knew the outcome . she suffers from PMS “poor me syndrome”. Talk tough till someone asks you about your statements. Then your are upset about it and offended about the question . This a game thats TOO easy to predict. and the voters see thought this . COD, and the snarling colley are the last ones holding down a fort with no walls.

  24. riprap says:

    Coward and his followers will continue to play victim. O’Dummy is the best thing to happen to the Democratic party in Delaware in a very long long time!

  25. Mr.Sir says:

    im sure she got a list of questions she was going to be asked. she was NOT invited to discuss her political views. the interview was about her book. she is NOT a political pundit.she is the author of a book that mentions mastrerbation or the “lack” of . She wants to be a polital pundit. but wrote a BIO . she is old news. i for one am looking foreward to the fading away of COD.

  26. John Wootten says:

    Granted her book sales are not good and may not get any better,if you don’t want to read it DON’T. DON’T BUY IT AND LEAVE THE WOMAN ALONE,YOU PEOPLE GOT WHO YOU WANT RUNNING THE STATE LET IT GO.

  27. Riprap says:

    @johnwootten……when she stops raising her ugly head or she and the Coward wed I will definitely leave her alone! I wanted to make sure you understand where O’Dummy ranks in the eyes of the public!

  28. mr.bill says:

    Doesn’t anyone get tired of this pity-party? Who published this mess? I’m going to short their stock.

  29. John Wootten says:

    Only with the eyes of the narrow minded,such as yourself.

  30. Mr.Sir says:

    Its time to remind the tea party “you own the downgrade” my retired mom thanks you TOO. as she watches her retirement money shrink to SQUAT of what it used to be . Political dip shyts.

  31. John Wootten says:

    Uninformed bologna.You hear what you want to hear.there is no truth in what you say.The TEA PARTY is a way of life and ideology, not a political group.I feel sorry for your mother and you in many ways,and has nothing to do with O’Donnells book.Get off your soap box,see the truth for what it is.

  32. riprap says:

    Now come on John Wootten..No Truth? The Tea Party politcos refused to negotiate and held Congress hostage hence terrorists! They had a quite a bit to do with where we are today. They are indeed an ideology and a very scarey one for this country!

  33. Mr.Sir says:

    grow up man . the tea party made sure the debt ceiling was MAJOR news for monthes if hollering that the USA IS bankrupt isnt a call for the radical muslims to step up dont know what is , gitmo dosent have anything on this issue as it pertains to recruting extremeist. sorry if the tea party does not enough collective intellegence to figure this out . our country DOES have problems but this GRAND STAND act did more to harm our counrty than it did good . you being a military man SHOULD SEE THIS but …. i guess the TEA PERTY way of living made you miss the forest inspite of the trees . now have i made my point about . but you did spend 6 years in the marines . but you are not the one fighting now are you . a cell phone with any US public official stating that the USA is bankrupt is just encouraging the extremist to keep fighting. ” we have bankrupted the america” is fuel to the fire . CONGRATULATIONS

  34. melinda says:

    RipRap, if you think Christine has an “ugly head” it is probably because you like the “boys” better!!!!!

  35. John Wootten says:


  36. John Wootten says:

    Go to Heritage Foundation,Positive Growth Alliance.org.if you want the truth.

  37. joemomma again says:

    Just what we need…the PBA

    The Positive Boogeymans Allience.

    One hour of free propaganda Monday afternoons.

  38. Mr.Sir says:

    so i get a web sight with some bias opinions in reply. BIG HAT NO CATTLE .

  39. Mr.Sir says:

    @ melinda thank you for your input it was so informative and cutting edge . you must be the woman that tried to fart live on colleys show the other day .

  40. riprap says:

    @mr sir. Do you know how stupid you sound? You even make me look smart. Gotta go. I have some pictures of little boys to look at.

  41. Mr.Sir says:

    Love you too ! its is funny how your true character comes out, after you all called out and have no explaination for your actions. you resort to umm lets says pretending your are someone else . not answering the question by accusation of someone else . its as perdictable as lil cods walk off . you conservatives BORE ME . too bad you dont have any idea/ ideas how to improve the economy besides FAILED policies of the past . until you get more to the center . YOU WILL LOSE . its not my fault you are too extreme for the general public its YOURS. whats that quote do not stop your oponent from shooting himself in the foot. heres some bullets

  42. riprap says:

    @mr.sir…It isn’t hard to tell who the real riprap is. Geeze…I wonder who pretended they were me? Maybe John Wootten? Maybe the Coward?… They almost got us!!! hahahahahahaha

  43. Mr.Sir says:

    @ riprap no sweat, im smarter than they are too

  44. joemomma again says:

    same thing happened to me a while back. I read a post that someone wrote as me. Looked like cowards doing. He can’t stand that he doesn’t know my ID. Almost got me to call in and raise hell. Same type of rant. Just the opposite of what I write.

  45. yankee says:

    Chirstine you go girl. I ordered two books just to help her.

  46. Chrissy O says:

    needs more help than that!

  47. riprap says:

    @melinda…raising ones ugly head is a figure of speech as I’m sure you know. Your 3rd grade come-back missed the spot. Making references to liking little boys sounds very Bill Colleyish. Glad he has influenced your thinking in a positive way!!!!

  48. riprap says:

    I see the obumers had to take his and her planes to their vacation get away. I guess there wasn’t enough room on one plane for his big ears and her bigger butt.

  49. riprap says:

    I have to give the Coward credit….he is defending his wingnut lover O’Dummy to the end. His recent blog almost made me cry… What an absolute tool Coward is!

  50. mr.bill says:

    And, he wasted valuable band-width by providing us with the “Unedited” version as well. What a tool.

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